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Inspiration with Dr Gustav Gous

April 23, 2018 0 Comments uncategorized

For more than 30 years Technistrut has operated on the basis of supporting and motivating each person to reach their full potential.  It was for this purpose that dr. Gustav Gous, an International Motivational Speaker and Executive Life Coach with experience on 5 continents, was invited to address us on Emotional Intelligence and Solution Based Selling Structure.

Our entire team learned a lot from dr. Gous and thoroughly enjoyed his seminar.  He inspired our whole team with this style.  He equipped us to deal with change in the workplace and to apply emotional intelligence in the workplace.

Gustav Gous is an international speaker and trainer. Let your organisation benefit from his presentations and workshops with solid content packaged in an entertaining style. Gustav’s expertise in the fields of leadership, motivation, emotional intelligence and stress management. He has helped companies to increase their bottom line and people to increase their quality of life.

He has lectured at the University of Pretoria and the University of South Africa. For the past eight years, he has been the in-house counseling specialist for the international petro-chemical company, Sasol.

Born in Namibia, Gustav obtained his Doctorate (cum laude), in Ecumenical Studies & International Relations from the University of Pretoria, following his research in Geneva, Switzerland. He also has degrees in Philosophy and Psychology. An Abe Bailey Scholar, he lectured at the University of South Africa (4 years) and the University of Pretoria (4 years) and has published two academic books.

For more information about dr. Gustav Gous, please visit