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When you try to picture the roof of your home, you probably don’t picture the roof structure. Most likely, you only picture the roof covering, like roof sheeting, roof tiles, harveytiles or any roof covering that you might prefer.

Without a strong frame for your roof, no roof covering would be able to go onto the roof. So, what makes up the roof structure?

Let’s look at what the roof structure is, what kind of materials are used and different types of roof structures.

What is the Roof Structure?

Essentially, the structure is the frame of your roof. The structure of the roof is made up of is a series of trusses, beams and rafters that give the roof its shape and that the roof covering is laid on.

What is the Roof Structure Made Of?

The most widely used material for the structure of the roof is Timber.  Warehouses and other commercial buildings may also use steel in the construction of their roof structure.  For residential areas, however, it’s almost always timber.

Prefabricated timber roof trusses are manufactured in a truss plant and transported to the building site, ready to be installed.

What Types of Roof Structures are there?

The type of roof structure on your home, commercial building or residential development is usually decided long before the construction of the building begins.  This is determined by the type of building, the style and architecture.

The type of roof covering used on the roof will also affect the roof structure.  Simple and lightweight materials like sheeting won’t need as much support as heavier materials like roof tiles, which will require more reinforcement. The pitch of the roof and Local Building Regulations will also be considered when designing your roof structure.



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