How Roof Trusses Are Made

How Roof Trusses Are Made - Technistrut Roof Truss manufacturers

In previous posts, we have explained the anatomy of a roof truss and the difference between site-made and prefabricated roof trusses.  In this post, I will explain how roof trusses are made.

The process will vary slightly depending on available equipment, but the principles will stay the same globally. However, there are a few basic steps that will stay the same regardless of where you are.  Here is a short description of our manufacturing process:


After consulting with the client, architect and builder, site measurements are taken and the information is conveyed to a qualified designer for processing.  Using sophisticated software, a complete roof is designed according to all relevant specifications and Building Codes.  A Cutting bill is generated for each individual truss in the roof which is then sent to the factory. 

How Roof Trusses Are Made - Roof Design 3D Elevaton

Roof Truss Manufacture - Cutting


Timber is selected according to size and grade specified on the cutting bills.  Each member of the truss is then pre-cut to the specified length and angles using cutting equipment specifically designed for the roof truss industry.  


Magnetic based pedestals are accurately positioned on a steel floor to form a jip or template in which all the pre-cut components are assembled, much like a jigsaw puzzle.

Roof Truss Assembly

Roof Truss Manufacture - Pressing


The designed nail plats are placed in position and a gantry mounted c-clamp hydraulic press is used to press the nail plates into the timber. In some cases, a timber template is used for assembly purposes, in which case the nail plates are pressed in using a roller press.

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