Roofing Materials and Services

While our core business is the Manufacture of Timber Roof Trusses, we also supply a complete range of roofing materials, including roof sheeting, roof tiles and all other roofing materials required to install a complete roof. Our roofing products and services include:

Precision Roof Design

TechniStrut understands that an excellent end-product is the result of careful design and planning done by a professional. All TechniStrut designs are created using state-of-the-art MiTek Design Software.

Timber Roof Trusses

We have been manufacturing Timber Roof Trusses for over 30 years. We design and manufacture engineered Timber Roof Trusses for private dwellings, housing developments and commercial buildings.

Roof Sheeting

Choosing the right Roof Sheeting is essential for a lasting end result. TechniStrut (Pty) Ltd supplies all leading Roof Sheeting materials in a range of profiles, including Corrugated Roof Sheeting, IBR Roof Sheeting and Concealed Fix Sheeting in a variety of thickness, finishes and colours.

Concrete Roof Tiles

We source our Concrete Roof Tiles from leading manufacturers such as Marley, Infraset, Westend, CastCrete and Coverland. TechniStrut also estimates the quantities of Roof Tiles required for your project based on the detailed truss design.

Sundry Roofing Materials

Project timelines are met by delivering all the required sundry materials with the roof trusses. These include:

    - Battens
    - Purlins
    - Bracing

Roofing Products & Services

Sundry Roofoing Materials - Concrete Roof Tiles

Galvanized Roof Sheeting

Sundry Roofing Materials - Precision Roof Design

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    TechniStrut (Pty) Ltd offers a complete roofing supply solution. While our core business is the manufacturing of Timber Roof Trusses, we also supply Roof Sheeting, Roof Tiles, and all other roofing materials required to install a complete roof.

    We not only service Johannesburg and Pretoria but also the whole Gauteng province & surrounds.