Concrete Roof Tiles

Concrete Roof Tiles have long been considered as one of the favorite roof coverings in South Africa.  This type of roof covering is available in a variety of profiles & colors.

With TechniStrut taking care of all aspects of your roofing requirements and providing the full roofing supply, you enjoy the convenience of one point of contact, a streamlined process and superior, lasting results.

Concrete Roof tiles

Concrete Roof tiles

Concrete Roof tiles

Concrete Roof tiles

Concrete Roof Tiles - Coverland

Always eager to set new standards in style, quality and excellence, Coverland Roofing rose to the challenge by developing the striking Coverland Taunus range.
Not only does it represent the highest standards in technical refinement, but now, thanks to Coverland Roofing's unique production capability, the Taunus is stronger, more balanced and above all, more affordable than its predecessor.

Taunus boasts a required incline of 17°, making it the perfect choice for low-pitched roofs. It’s deep roll creates roofs of majestic character with it’s bold, striking contours and organic undulating rolls.
Coverland recommends that you view actual tile samples before making a purchasing decision. Colours may vary due to the digital conversion of the files.

Concrete roof tiles - Infraset

Aveng Infraset offers a wide range of attractive tiles with exceptional features, offering the best in convenience, quality and service excellence.

Aveng Infraset’s roof tiles are prepacked in a five-tile pack for easy stacking on truss assemblies prior to laying. This method, together with secure strapping in the yard minimizes any breakages during transportation and on-site handling. The design of our roof tiles also includes reinforced transversal ribs for extra strength. Trained roof construction teams comprising four people take approximately one hour to complete the roof of a 42 m2 house. This high level of productivity means that a team can erect eight roofs in a day. Our commitment to service and delivery ensures a quick turnaround.

Concrete roof tiles - Marley Roofing

Marley Roofing has earned its place in the roofing market as a leading supplier of high quality, affordable roofing that is in line with worldwide energy-saving products, backed by quality management systems and excellent service delivery.

Our concrete tile ranges are defined by their ability to stand the test of time through extreme durability, low maintenance requirements and recyclable composition which give them a significant sustainable advantage over other roof structures.

Concrete roof tiles - West End Roof Tiles

West End Clay Brick & Roofing was established in 1991 and is currently a 100% owned subsidiary of the Consolidated Infrastructure Group (CIG). Since 2007 the Consolidated Infrastructure Group (CIG), formerly the Buildworks Group Limited, is a listed company on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Concrete roof tiles - Castcrete Roof Tiles

The concrete tiles are extruded under pressure resulting in a product of high quality.  Castcrete roof tiles meet with SABS 542-2012 standard specification for concrete roof tiles.

You can now enjoy one point of contact by purchasing your roof trusses, tiles & all sundry roofing materials from us. We source our concrete roof tiles from leading manufacturers such as Marley, Infraset, Westend, Coverland, and CastCrete.

To simplify the process, we will also estimate the quantities of tiles required for your project. We do this to clear away any obstacles that may get in the way of completing your project on time, every time.

Contact the experts in Roof Truss Manufacturing for your roofing project!

TechniStrut (Pty) Ltd offers a complete roofing supply solution. While our core business is the manufacture of Timber Roof Trusses, we also supply Roof Sheeting, Tiles, and all other roofing materials required to install a complete roof.

We supply roof trusses to the whole Gauteng province, including Johannesburg and Pretoria.