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Galvanized Sheeting is only available in the metallic/zinc colour associated with sheeting, whereas Chromadek® is available in various colours.  Both Galvanized Sheeting and Chromadek® sheeting is available in various profiles such as IBR & Corrugated.


Metallic coated sheet, specifically continuously hot-dip zinc-coated (galvanized) sheet, is a well-known product with a versatile range of applications in general industry, buildings, construction, and appliances. As the name implies, continuous hot-dip coating involves the application of a molten coating onto the surface of steel sheet (cold- or hot rolled) in a non-stop process.

In this process, a material is produced with strength/formability properties provided by the steel substrate and the corrosion protection by the zinc coating. The zinc coating (layer) protects the steel by providing a barrier to elements in an exposed environment through the sacrificial nature of zinc (cathodic protection). Expected service life depends on coating thickness and the aggressiveness of the exposed environment. It is available in various widths, thicknesses, grades and coating thicknesses.


Our galvanised sheets conform to the requirements of SANS 4998, SANS 3575, EN 10346, ASTM 653M and related specifications. In addition, structural grades are available as per EN10346

Technistrut supplies the following items that are ideal for roofing applications:

  • 925×0.4, ISQ550, Z150 (budget domestic option)
  • 925×0.5, ISQ550, Z275
  • 925×0.58, ISQ300, Z275
  • 925×0.8, ISQ230, Z275

Chromadek® is a range of colour coated sheet products that offer superior corrosion protection under conditions where the performance of unpainted galvanized sheeting may prove inadequate. Furthermore, the coatings exhibit excellent formability and elasticity to facilitate roll profiling and bending operations without damage to the paint coating.

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