Wide Span Roof Sheeting

Wide Span Roof Sheeting has a similar profile to IBR Roof Sheeting, with the main difference between the two is that widespan roof sheeting has a better cover width than IBR Roof Sheeting, making it a more economical alternative to IBR.

TechniStrut supplies all leading roof sheeting materials in a range of profiles, including Wide Span Roof Sheeting, IBR Roof Sheeting, Corrugated Roof Sheeting, and Concealed Fix Sheeting in a variety of thicknesses, finishes, and colours.

The right choice of roof sheeting – based on roof design and budget – is key to a lasting end result and to our clients’ satisfaction. The TechniStrut team will provide expert and informed advice as well as assistance in obtaining a competitive price.

Wide Span roof sheeting is a square fluted profile similar to IBR. Using the same width input coil, it has a better cover width than IBR, making it a more economical alternative to IBR. With the effective cover width of 762 mm, it covers an impressive 76 mm more than a standard 686 IBR profile.

Even though this product covers the same as a 762 Corrugated roof sheeting, Wide Span has much better spanning capabilities.  Wide Span roof sheeting can also be used at much lower roof slopes than Corrugated roof sheeting, giving it a completely different aesthetical look as well.

Wide Span Roof Sheeting

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