Gauteng Based Roof Truss Manufacturers

When you order your roof trusses from Technistrut, you can also order your roof covering and sundry roofing materials.  We will calculate the quantity needed and supply all the relevant sundry roofing materials required for the installation of your roof.

We offer a complete roofing supply solution, which includes roof design, roof truss manufacturing, roof coverings and all sundry roofing materials.


Battens are installed above the trusses and are required for a tiled roof, as this is what the tiles are connected to.


Purlins are installed above the trusses and are required for a sheeted roof.


Bracing is necessary to properly brace the roof trusses and to ensure that the trusses and roof covering are securely tied down.


Generally used to secure the roof covering to the purlins and battens.

Truss Hangers

Truss hangers provide a secure means of support to connect timber beams, joists or trusses.

Fascia boards

Fascia Boards cap the end of rafters on the outside of a building.

Barge Boards

Barge Boards provide a functional finish by protecting the underlying timber structure from the elements.


Ceiling Insulation prevents heat from passing between the roof tiles and the ceiling, keeping you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer

With over 30 years experience in Roof Truss Design and Manufacturing, we at TechniStrut (Pty) Ltd know the importance of proper planning, careful and accurate design and manufacturing as well as punctual delivery of your roofing materials.

It is for this reason that our experienced consultants and designers can advise and assist you in all aspects of your roofing project, from site measuring before manufacturing to inspection for the mandatory A19 certificate.  This includes calculating the quantities of roof sheeting or roof tiles and all required sundry materials.

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TechniStrut (Pty) Ltd offers a complete roofing supply solution. While our core business is the manufacture of Timber Roof Trusses, we also supply Roof SheetingRoof Tiles, and all other roofing materials required to install a complete roof.

We not only service Johannesburg and Pretoria, but the whole Gauteng province & surrounds.

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